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April 2020

Get Fitter 2

Two days ago I completed run number fifteen of Couch to 5k. It is a milestone run in the programme. I am amazed that I have stuck with it as I have never been able to stick at any exercise routine before. The other equally amazing thing is that I am really enjoying it. I actually look forward to run-days (every second day).

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Piano on the Drive

After the people next-door recently shouted, “more!” whilst I was practising the piano with the door open, I decided to play a little piano out on the driveway for the neighbours. Meaning to play outside on Friday, the weather proved rather incompatible so, with the threat of rain removed I finally managed to get outside last night.

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Get Fitter

I have decided to try and take on a self-improvement routine during the Coronavirus lockdown. I try and practice the piano at least once a day. I write, even a little, most days. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts about such things as science, psychology, running a business, self-improvement, as well as comedy and music. I have also decided to really try and get fitter and, hopefully, lose some weight.

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The Guilt of Feeling Relief When Someone Dies

A retrospective look at feelings following the death of my spouse in 2019.

The subject of feeling a certain sense of relief following the death of a loved one is really tough. Amidst a fog of emotions, immediately following my wife’s death, I know that relief was a strong and powerful emotion or feeling. What immediately followed was a dark and heavy burden of guilt for feeling this way.

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