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Making Decisions

Lockdown, it seems, has given everyone time to think and to plan. This has been the case for me, especially in the latter weeks where my early lockdown routines have wilted away, a bit of tedium has set in, and, to be honest, loneliness has started to creep in. Some big life decisions are on […]

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The Guilt of Feeling Relief When Someone Dies

A retrospective look at feelings following the death of my spouse in 2019. The subject of feeling a certain sense of relief following the death of a loved one is really tough. Amidst a fog of emotions, immediately following my wife’s death, I know that relief was a strong and powerful emotion or feeling. What […]

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“Life-Saving” Diets & Supplements

During the months and years that my wife had cancer lurking, ever-present, like most people in this position she wanted to give herself the best chance of her body beating it. To this end, we bought book, after book, of supposedly cancer-busting, life-saving diets or diet and supplement regimes.

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